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NU’EST W releases teaser for single ‘If You’ or ‘있다면’

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NU’EST W has released their first teaser for their special single album If You or 있다면!

The single album is set to release on July 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  This album will be a combination of the 4 remaining members, until their 5th returns from Wanna One promotions!

Stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: The first two individual teasers are here! JR and Aron are the first two members to have their teasers released for the upcoming single by NU’EST W.

Check out the handsome photos below!

nuest-special-single-aron nuest-special-single-jr

UPDATE: NU’EST W releases the individual photos for Baekho and Ren!

Check them out below!

nu-est-special-w-album-baekho nuest-w-ren

UPDATE: If you thought NU’EST W looked handsome in their individual teasers, check out their group teaser!



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