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NU’EST will make a 4 member comeback in the second half of 2017

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NU’EST’s popularity has soared once again, with their fan following increasing by leaps and bounds with 4 of the members’ recent appearance on the survival show Produce 101.  While Minhyun won’t be able to make a comeback with the group due to the limitations of only being allowed to promote with Wanna One for the remainder of the contract, the remaining 4 members are intending on making a comeback!

So, get ready!  Kang Dong Ho, Kim Jong Hyun, Choi Min Ki, and Aron will be making a comeback!

Official statement:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainemnt.

We thank the nation’s producers who hace showed much love to Jonghyun, Minhyun, Minki, and Dongho during ‘Produce 101‘ for the past four months, as well as the LOㅅEs who have supported the road they took.

As you know, Minhyun will be seeing fans as a Wanna One member until December 31st, 2018. We will also do our best so Minhyun can give back to all the love he has received.

Also, Jonghyun, Minki, and Dongho will be preparing to meet fans once again with Aron, who has been waiting during the ‘Produce 101’ period. Jonghyun, Minki, and Dongho’s break is first and foremost, so we do not have things in detail. But we will work hard so the fans who have been waiting for and supporting them can see the four of them soon.

We will all work hard so that the road that Jonghyun, Minhyun, Minki, Dongho, and Aron have walked for the past five years, no matter how difficult, was not for nothing, and so that their future road can be happy. And we hope everyone can watch over their road always. We once again thank you for the love you have shown the five members.


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