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Oh My Girl Banhana (오마이걸 반한나) Goes Bananas in New “Banana Allergy Monkey” Music Video!

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On March 2nd Oh My Girl subunit Oh My Girl Banhana (오마이걸 반하나) released the music video for their newest track “Banana Allergy Monkey”!

In the beginning, we see that this adorable music video takes place in a video game! With the girls dressed up in a variety of cute costumes depicting each “level” of the game. The girls range in character from safari guides, to spacewomen, to slumber party-goers, to restaurant workers serving (yup you guessed it) bananas! Each scene features the themed “Banana Allergy Monkey Dance” (which is honestly the cutest dance ever) as the girls continue the search for the bananas!

Not only are the music video, costumes, and choreography absolutely adorable, so is the song! It is very reminiscent of your classic bubblegum pop with its high pitch and softly sung lyrics. The actual content of the song, however, is extraordinarily unique. (I mean how many groups do you see singing about bananas while in outer space? I mean really).

Overall the presentation of this song and music video is super cute and adorable. It’s also super fun to watch, and the fun “Banana Allergy Monkey Dance” will certainly be featured in many a dance cover video!

Have you watched Oh My Girl’s newest video? If not you can do so here. But of course, as always, we want to know your thoughts! So leave us a comment!

Oh My Girl Banhana MV


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  1. Calvin April 2, 2018

    Really cute pouting faces

  2. DaianaV April 3, 2018

    They reminded me of Orange Caramel but cuter? Idk

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