Oh My Girl graces us with Coloring Book preview!

Oh My Girl Second Comeback Teaser

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Oh My Girl is gearing up for their latest album, Coloring Book, to be released by granting us a sneak peek at the songs!

The album opens with “Coloring Book”, which sounds extremely peppy and cheerful.  It then moves to “Real World” which definitely shows off their vocal power!  “Agit” is a sweet sounding song, it definitely has a romantic feel.  “In My Dreams” slows things down with an angelic sound.  The fifth track, “Perfect Day” is one of those tracks that would be perfect for summer!

The end of the teaser features all sorts of photos that haven’t been released yet!

These beautiful ladies just released angelic teaser images the other day, so be sure to check them out! And don’t forget the first few sets of teaser images – here, herehere, and here!

The album, Coloring Book, will be released on April 3, 2017.