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Oh My Girl Share Fun-Filled Video!

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March 29th saw the release of a new fun-filled adventure for the ever adorable members of Oh My Girl!

In this super adorable and hilarious video, the members are shown laughing it up and having the time of their lives while playing games at “Play Kpop”!

The girls recently took a trip to “Play Kpop” a digital theme park and kpop attraction on Jeju island which has “holographic music shows, history exhibits, and a be-the-star experience.” And luckily for us, a part of their experience was filmed!

In this eight and a half minute long video we watch as the girls go through a VR game, two at a time. In this VR experience, there was a lot of screaming, shooting, laughing and even some singing! (Mostly screaming though if we are being honest here). It was honestly such a blast to watch!

The game the girls play features a maze of terrifying creatures and crazy obstacles in a VR world. The girls must also help each other navigate their way through the exciting game in order to find the end! (You’ll have to watch the video to find out who actually ended up winning!)

No matter which way you look at it this entire video is a super exciting and a joyous adventure to view, and will surely brighten up your day! (As these girls always do!) If you haven’t watched it, you certainly should! It’s a guaranteed mood boost for sure!

Of course, as always, we want to know your thoughts on the video so don’t forget to leave a comment for us!

Oh My Girl VR


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