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ONF Preview A Dance Preview For Their Upcoming Track “Complete”

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Update June 6, 2018:

The group provided fans with a lovely, black and white, teaser for their upcoming title track “Complete”.  The teaser provides a small glimpse into the dance for the new song.

Watch it below.

Update June 5, 2018:

After revealing their official fan club name, say hello FUSE, ONF released their music video teaser for “Complete”.  “Complete” is the title track of their upcoming 2nd mini album, You Complete Me due to release on June 7, 2018.

Watch the music video teaser below!

Update June 3, 2018:

ONF revealed new individual teaser photos for each of the members prior to their comeback with You Complete Me on June 7, 2018!  Take a look at the strikingly handsome teasers below.


ONF released the group teaser for their upcoming return with You Complete Me.  Check out the stunning teaser image below.

ONFUpdate June 1, 2018:

ONF released the album preview for their upcoming return withYou Complete Me.  Watch the preview below!

Update May 31, 2018:

ONF released the lyrics teaser for their upcoming title track “You Complete Me”.  Check out the lyrics below and stay tuned for the full release.

onfUpdate May 30, 2018:

ONF released their track list for You Complete Me, their second mini album!  The album will have 6 songs in total, including the title track “Complete”.  Check out the track list below.

onfUpdate May 29, 2018:

ONF show off their boyish charms and breathtaking grins in the first set of individual teasers for their return with You Complete Me

Check out all of their handsome photos below.

you-complete-meyou-complete-meyou-complete-meyou-complete-meyou-complete-meyou-complete-meyou-complete-meUpdate May 28, 2018:

The group released the first playful teaser for You Complete Me! Take a look at ONF’s cheery smiles in the teasers below.

onf-you-complete-meOriginal Article:

ONF are preparing to make their first ever comeback!

The group will be returning with their new mini album on June 7, 2018, and filmed their music video in Los Angeles, California.  Originally, Laun and Hyojin were supposed to stay out of the comeback and make their debut with the MIXNINE.  However, since the debut was cancelled, they will be returning alongside the rest of their members.

The group released their schedule for their comeback, which has yet to have the name revealed.  The schedule is jam packed with all sorts of teasers leading up to the album and music video being released on June 7, 2018.

Check out the scheduler below and stay tuned for more.

ONF Comeback 2018ONF Comeback 2018ONF Comeback 2018


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