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OSKP September Event: IMFACT appreciation post

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IMFACT is a newer boy group that was formed under Star Empire Entertainment back in 2016.  They made their debut with the single album, Lollipop on January 27, 2017. The group consists of 5 members; Jeup, Taeho, Jian, Ungjae, and Sang.

Even if you haven’t directly listened to their debut track “Lollipop“, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve heard it playing at some point! The upbeat track had such a high level of energy, we definitely expected a lot from this group.

Starting in 2017, the group began their IMFACTORY project.  The project consisted of monthly releases, events, and concerts.  Their third track, “Tension Up” was released in April, and they’ve continued since then!

Most recently, they’ve dropped a new set of teasers for the next IMFACTORY installment.  Unlike previous releases and teasers, these have a darker, more sexy vibe associated with them.  It’s likely that the group is trying a new image for the next installment.

The group was recently confirmed to be joining The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project.

I think that the video below on why you should stan this group will accurately sum things up!

IMFACT K-Pop Boy Group


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