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Park Bom makes the announcement that she’s signed to The Black Label

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YG Entertainment has responded to reports that Park Bom will be joining The Black Label.  They stated that “There have been no contract changes since Park Bom’s contract expired with YG Entertainment.  We are not aware of any plans for her to sign with The Black Label.”


When the announcement came that Park Bom didn’t renew her contract with YG Entertainment, many fans were concerned about her career future.  As time went by, there were rumblings about her having a release in early 2017, but no label talk was included.

Well, today we got confirmation!

Park Bom has signed with The Black Label, owned by Teddy. The Black Label is an independent sub-label under YG Entertainment but owned by Teddy.  Currently, Park Bom and Zion T are the only two artists under the label.  There are quite a few producers as well, including 24, DRESS, Joe Rhee, Kush, Peejay, R.Tee, and Seo Won Jin.

Park Bom will technically be reporting straight to Teddy since TG doesn’t involve themselves in the sub-label productions.  For those unfamiliar with anything produced by this label, see the information listed below created by @pyopeasant on Twitter.



  1. NEPTUNE May 1, 2017

    How come yg have no idea when bom signed with “black label”…..?am i only the one who thinks its weird

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