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Block B’s Park Kyung Drops Audio Snippet For “Instant” Featuring Sumin

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Update June 21, 2018:

Park Kyung of Block B revealed the preview for his upcoming solo return with “Instant”.  Take a listen below.

Update June 20, 2018

Park Kyung released the music video teaser for “Instant” featuring Sumin!  Check out the teaser below.

Update June 19, 2018:

Park Kyung revealed new stunning teaser images for his upcoming solo release.  Check them out below.

Park-Kyung-200Park-Kyung100Update June 18, 2018:

New teaser images for Park Kyung of Block B’s upcoming return have been released!  Check them out below.

Block-B-Park-Kyung200Block-B-Park-Kyung100Update June 17, 2018:

Kyung released another teaser image for his upcoming solo return.  The new teaser features an artistic painting of his face and contains the text “Instant”.  Check it out below.

Block-B-Park-Kyung1Update June 16, 2018:

Park Kyung features in the first set of teasers for his upcoming solo release!  Check out the breathtaking teasers below.

Block-B-Park-KyungBlock-B-Park-KyungBlock-B-Park-KyungBlock-B-Park-KyungOriginal Article:

Block B’s Park Kyung released the first teaser image for his upcoming solo album!

The solo album is set to release on June 22, 2018 and the first teaser is positively striking.  The teaser itself has a sketch style with deep shadows crossing his face. Reportedly, the upcoming title track was both written and composed by Park Kyung himself and Sumin features.

Check out Park Kyung’s teaser for his upcoming return below and stay tuned for more.


Park Kyung Solo


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