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PENTAGON (펜타곤) Reminiscences Over First Love In Surprise Music Video “Violet”

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PENTAGON (펜타곤) is back with a surprise music video for their song, “Violet,” a day after the release of their fifth EP, Demo_02. Unlike their previous music video for their title song “Runaway” this song features a sadder subject of past failed romances.

The music video begins with the ten-member group admiring a beautiful girl with violet clothing entering the bus. While all seems well, with the members smiling, matching her clothing, and the girl surrounded endless eye candy, the song quickly takes a sad turn.

As each member realizes that the romance has ended, tears erupt and each person is left in anguish as they strive to forget the endless memories of their first love, especially trying to forget the color violet. Near the end, the once bright and sunny background turns dark, with neon violet colored lights flashing through the bus creating a bleak ambiance that was once filled with joy.

The girl is even left hopeless and is surrounded by beautiful violet flowers, signifying the happy moments. But as the music video draws to a close, one of the members, Yuto (유토), leaves the bus as if accepting the end of the relationship, while the other members are stuck in the past.

Overall, the music video was gorgeous, filled with significant, metaphorical imagery, and featured great acting from all the boys and lead girl. Although the idea of a first love isn’t considered a unique subject in K-pop, and music in general, the lyrics still described the story of first love and first heartbreak very well.

My favorite part of the song was the incredible falsettos by various members featured throughout the song, which added a dreamy quality to the already dreamy violet colored imagery.

What did you think of PENTAGON’s (펜타곤) latest music video? Let us know in the comments below!

PENTAGON Violet Music Video


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