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PENTAGON (펜타곤) Wants To “Runaway” In Their Latest Song

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Pentagon (펜타곤) is back with another song titled, “Runaway,” after finishing their comeback for “Like This” only two months ago. Both songs are similar, with even the music videos following the same color schemes, settings, images, and ambiance. Overall, it is a safe comeback for the usually experimental group, something that many fans have mixed reviews about.

“Runaway,” can be seen as a continuation of the “Like This,” storyline, with the members comfortable in their journey towards happiness and success within the music industry and are now running towards the fire, or the difficulties they face as a group. It’s also a continuation of the inspirational theme that the leader, lyricist and composer of both “Runaway” and “Like This”, Hui (후이), has been pushing lately.

The issue with both songs sounding eerily similar is mostly due to the repetitive future bass sound featured in the background. It gives the same club feeling while keeping with the calmness and inspirational value of the song. But, one could even go further and say that the setups of the songs are also alike, with Hui driving the chorus and E’Dawn’s (이던) rap sounding unexpectedly harsh in comparison to the harmonizing vocals of the other members.

In regard to the music videos, as said earlier, both videos share corresponding imagery, but “Runaway” does have an overall more positive feeling whether it’s the members enjoying the sight of the lit tire or everyone smiling and hugging throughout the music video. Unlike their last comeback, Pentagon (펜타곤) now seems to be happily embracing their future and are now welcoming the challenges. It will be interesting to see whether or not the group makes a part three of this storyline, and if the group will stick with the same sound.

What are your thoughts on Pentagon’s (펜타곤) latest comeback? Let us know in the comments!

PENTAGON Runaway Music Video


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  1. The song is so good! 🙂

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