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Kpop Pentagon

PENTAGON drops three space themed teasers

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After releasing a mysterious teaser on featuring a date and moon amongst the night sky, PENTAGON releases three more images.  Each of them feature a beautiful star filled night with a set of lyrics and their name written on them.  According to fans, the lyrics listed on the images translate as follows;

“Just stay by my side like a starlight”

“With love bigger than the universe, any pain disappears”

“It is stronger and more precious than anything because it is made out of faith”

As of now, we don’t have a ton of information to go off of, but we do have a date!  Stay tuned for more for the happening on May 18, 2017.

pentagon-teaser-coming-soon pentagon-with-love-bigger-than-the-universe-any-pain-disappears pentagon-Just-stay-by-my-side-like-a-starlight


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