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Pentagon (펜타곤) “Shine” in Acapella Version of “Shine (빛나리)”

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Pentagon (펜타곤) “Shine” in the acapella version of “Shine (빛나리)”!

Released on April 3rd, the group has filmed an acapella version of their latest track “Shine“! (Which, if you haven’t listened to you yet, you honestly truly and genuinely should. It’s amazing). The song was originally released alongside the groups’ newest ep “Positive”.

The video released shows the boys sitting together in a studio. One-by-one they begin their acapella rendition of “Shine”. This song was already a really upbeat and fun song, with amazing vocals to back each and every part of it. But doing this acapella version has shined an entirely new light on the boys’ vocal abilities. Which is to say that they’re incredible.

The video is also just a lot of fun for fans to watch. Simply because a good portion of the video consists of the boys just having a good time performing their new song and dancing around. What fan wouldn’t want to see their faves having a great time? (The correct answer is none, there aren’t any fans who don’t want to see that).

Overall the video is a super fun way for the boys to promote their new music, as well as entertain everyone (including themselves). If you haven’t watched it yet you can watch it here! But don’t forget to let us know what you thought of it!

Pentagon Shine Acapella


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  1. Luxores April 6, 2018

    pentagon is really underrated

  2. they are so talented

  3. heavenly April 8, 2018

    Omg i wanna buy the new pentagon album so baddd ;-;

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