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Pentagon(펜타곤) Drop Bright Music Video For “Shine(빛나리)”

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Pentagon (펜타곤) is back with an adorable music video for their latest single “Shine (빛나리)“!

On April 2nd, at approximately six o’clock pm(KST), fans saw the release of this wonderful new music video from Pentagon (펜타곤)! This song is part of their newly released EP “Positive”! To be completely honest, there are so many good things to say about this music video, it’s hard to know where to start! So let’s just start from the very beginning!

The first thing we see are the members in a variety of places as the music starts. We have several sets it seems, a classroom, a warehouse, a couple very aesthetic outdoor shots. There are also some shots from the inside of an RV and a few that are completely computer generated. Unfortunately, a lot of times with music videos that have this many sets it can be confusing and might overwhelm the music video. In this case, however, Pentagon know what they’re doing and the set changes feed perfectly into the track!

While the music video begins with poses in a variety of the sets, the choreography comes in very quickly. It’s one of those dances that everyone’s going to want to learn, it’s fun to watch, and hits every single beat the song has to offer. It’s extremely visually appealing, and catchy (if it’s possible for a dance to be considered catchy, this one would be the reason why). Not only is the dance visually appealing but the members pull it off so well. They are able to perform it perfectly in a way that makes it very exciting and fun! (Facial expressions on point ya’ll).

In addition to the incredible visual aspects of the music video, the music itself is phenomenal. Right off the bat we know it’s going to be one of those super catchy songs that you’ll literally never get out of your head. Listen once and it’s stuck there. (I would know, I’m on listen number eight and counting). The boys have really outdone themselves with this one, and their vocals are perfect. The song has a nice mix of fun catchy parts and vocally technical parts, which makes it both easy to sing along to as well as impressive to listen to.

This is easily a song we can all recommend to our fellow K-pop loving friends!

Have you had a chance to listen to Pentagon’s new track? If not you can watch it here, but don’t forget to let us know what you thought!



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