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PENTAGON Struggles Through The Part Change Choreography For “Shine”

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PENTAGON gave switching up parts a shot for their latest track “Shine“.

The beautiful new track has a lovely dance, and these boys wanted to switch things up by taking each other’s parts for this challenge.  With the lineup decided, it ended up with Kino doing his own part, Wooseok covering Yan An, Yan An coverign Hui, Hui covering Hongseok, Hongseok covering Shinwon, Shinwon covering Yuto, Yuto covering Yeo One, Yeo One covering Wooseok, E’Dawn covering Jinho, and vice versa.

The boys stumbled a bit and looked to their fellow switched partners for guidance, but overall managed to semi-gracefully stumble their way through the dance!

Watch the adorable idols give the part switch their best show in the video below.

Pentagon Shine Part Switch


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  1. Alessandra April 13, 2018

    I love these! ?? Kino was so lucky not needing to switch his part

  2. gg_yulsic April 13, 2018

    so funny haha

  3. myworldgkey April 13, 2018

    so fun, i love these guys

  4. I love the switching-part videos, so funny.. Must be really difficult after hours of practice for a position, change it and follow someone else position >.< They are so good

  5. Kkukkung April 14, 2018

    I love you guys

  6. Mardhiah Omar April 14, 2018

    I’m doting on them already!! It’s hard to switch in any song I bet they practice for hours to show us their best!! Pentagon fighting!! <3

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