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PENTAGON Releases Music Video Teaser For “Naughty Boy”

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Update September 10, 2018:

PENTAGON released the music video teaser for “Naughty Boy”.  The title is actually modified from “Green Frog”, which is the literal Korean Translation.  The name references a Korean folktale about a rebellious green frog that does the opposite of what he’s told.

Watch the clip below.

Update September 7, 2018:

PENTAGON released the audio snippet for their upcoming release of “Thumbs Up!”.  Check it out below.

Update September 6, 2018:

PENTAGON released the track list for their upcoming return with Thumbs Up!.  Check it out below.

Update September 5, 2018:

PENTAGON released two additional teasers for their upcoming return. The first is an ’emoji’ teaser for their track list while the second is a illustrated teaser.

Check them both out below.


Update September 4, 2018:

PENTAGON’s second set of teaser photos is all the right amounts of playful and adorable. Check them out below.


Update September 3, 2018:

PENTAGON dropped the colorful new concept photos for their upcoming return with Thumbs Up!.  Check them out below.

pentagonpentagonpentagonpentagonpentagonpentagonpentagonOriginal Article:

PENTAGON is returning soon, minus two members.

The group released a bright green teaser for their upcoming return with their 7th mini album, Thumbs Up.  The album is set to release on September 10, 2018.

Check out the first teaser image below and stay tuned for more.

Unfortunately, E’Dawn and YanAn will not be taking part in their return With Thumbs Up.

pentagon thumbs up teasers


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