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PENTAGON’s Yan An sustained injury and will sit out during comeback

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With PENTAGON’s 3rd mini album “Ceremony” looming just over the horizon, the group has been working hard with all of their preparations.  Unfortunately, during one of the dance practices, Yan An fell down and injured his right hand.  Based on the medical examination immediately following, it was determined “Yan An’s hand would require surgery, and the surgical procedure was a success.”

During KCON Japan on May 20, 2017, he participated with a cast because he was determined to meet with his fans, however, based on the doctor’s recommendation, he will sit out of the comeback to ensure that he can make a full recovery.

If any fans wish to cancel their tickets for TENTASTIC Vol.2 Trust, they will be able to due to Yan An’s absence.

Wishing him a speedy recovery!


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