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PRISTIN is slaying in their “Wee Woo” teaser

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PRISTIN is gearing up for their debut release of Hi!Pristin, and they’re doing an amazing job.  They just released the teaser trailer for “Wee Woo” and based on that, we can expect amazing things from the girls.  They’ve got the visual, talent, and apparently production skills that makes them a total triple threat.

The girls look fantastic in the short clips, surrounded by retro seeming items.  The color scheme has that definite 70’s sort of feel, which goes along well with the sound of the song.

“Wee Woo” is going to be an amazing Spring/Summer Hype track.

Check out their schedule and debut announcement here.

Stay tuned for their album, Hi! Pristin, available on March 21, 2017.  In the mean time, check out their teaser photos here.

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