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PRISTIN shows off their best side in their second teaser for “Wee Woo”

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PRISTIN is gearing up for their debut release of Hi!Pristin, and they’re doing an amazing job.  They just recently released the first video teaser for their title track, “Wee Woo”.

In this second teaser, they’re showing off all their attitude with their dance and song.  The girls are wearing matching shorts and crop tops, which is in line with the latest fashion! They look amazing!

The teaser is shot as if it were a live news coverage of some sort.  There’s the title of the song printed across the bottom and the “Live” printed in the upper corner.

The girls debut will actually be aired Live on Mnet, which will be the first time ever a girl’s first stage is aired live!

Check out their schedule and debut announcement here.

Stay tuned for their album, Hi! Pristin, available on March 21, 2017.  In the mean time, check out their teaser photos here.

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