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Produce 101 contestant was assaulted by past group members

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Lee Seo Kyo, a trainee under IT Entertainment, is a contestant on the series Produce 101 Season 2.  This season of Produce 101 has been filled with shocking news and controversies, but this one is very sad.

Pure Boy was a 10 member group that debuted back in 2014.  Lee Seo Kyu joined in 2015 as the group debuted in Japan.  In late 2015, the group split when 7 members left without explanation and took two of their managers.  They formed O Entertainment and the appropriately named group; Naughty Boys.

Three of the members of Naughty Boys, Hwang, Jeon, and Yang, lived up to their namesake and it was revealed that they had assaulted Seo Kyu on two occasions, punching and kicking his chest and stomach.  Thankfully, they were investigated and fined for assault.

Lee Seo Kyo wasn’t their only target.  Hwang was investigated to suspicion of assault of another member and yang was investigated for extortion.

Pure Boys lives on as PureL after adding 6 new members to the group. While Naughty Boys and O Entertainment were sued by IT Entertainment for breach of contract.

Lee Seo Kyo is hoping to get a fresh start on Produce 101 Season 2 and can be seen along with one of the newer members of PureL, Minho!

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