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PSY’s “New Face” is worth a listen (Music Video Review)

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PSY recently made his comeback with his 8th studio album, 4 X 2 = 8.  This album featured collaborations with a plethora of stars.  We just reviewed “I Luv It“, his second music video from the track, and here, we are taking a look at “New Face” featuring the beautiful Naeun from Apink.


“New Face” is definitely a catchy track, but in a different way than “I Luv It”. The constant horns in the background keep the beat moving, especially with the repetition of the hook in different variations.  You’ll find yourself chanting “new face, new face, new new new face” alongside them if you listen to this enough! The lyrics are playful and swing back and forth between talking about hitting on someone and saying they’re like heaven!


PSY is joined by a variety of people in this video, but most notable is the stunning lady that accompanies him throughout; Apink’s Naeun.  The sets for this music video just scream extravagant.  With beautiful hotel decorations and stunning outdoor locations, it almost feels like this was filmed in Vegas!

The gondola scenes are absolutely hilarious and feel so out of place, they work.  They transition into the hotel pool scenes, which feature  such a wide variety of people, many of which are wearing PSY shirts.

The dance is more in your face than the dance for “I Luv It”, with more hip thrusts and dabs!

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