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Queen BoA (보아) returns with a hot new single, “NEGA DOLA (내가 돌아)”

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The legendary BoA came back into the K-pop music scene January 31st with another soon-to-be classic hit, “NEGA DOLA.” Starting her career when she was only thirteen, the now thirty-one-year-old female superstar hasn’t stopped her stride. In the new music video, she still performs the same cool dance moves and eccentric outfits she’s dared to try ever since her debut.

With her latest single, BoA is fighting back against an obnoxious flirt who is insistent on winning her affections. Throughout the song, BoA can be seen dancing and singing in various colorful clothing, most notably a large blue fur coat. Her music is definitely still influenced by modern R&B and pop, something which ensures her music is always current.

Many consider BoA the “queen” of K-pop, which isn’t surprising considering her immense talent and legacy. Instead of relying on ‘aegyo’ or her ‘cuteness,’ BoA’s music instead focuses on self-confidence and self-worth. “NEGA DOLA” shows that BoA expects nothing less than perfection, in not only her relationships but also in her music. The dance breaks are refreshing, her lyrics are upbeat while meaningful, and the beat is a mix of urban and pop.

Although no update on a possible album or mini-album has been made, fans of BoA and K-pop will surely be listening to this latest single nonstop! What do you think “NEGA DOLA”?

BoA Nega Dola


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  1. Jemima February 6, 2018

    Welcome back Queen!

  2. V (@FinnTae) February 6, 2018


  3. For Lovelyz February 6, 2018

    Of course BoA is queen

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