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RAINZ Surprise Fans With The Dance Practice For “Open Ur Heart”

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RAINZ has a lovely surprise for their fans!

The group released the dance practice for “Open Ur Heart“, a track featured alongside “Turn It Up” on their latest album, Shake You Up released on January 23, 2018.  “Open Ur Heart” has a fun, playful sort of vibe, and the dance the group has or it reflects that.

With beautiful shifts with both the vocals and the positioning, the boys make their way through the track. Much to the fans’ delight, you can even heart them counting off “five, six, seven, eight” for some of the portions! You can also hear them hyping themselves up with ‘woo’s’ and other cheers!

Watch RAINZ blow fans away with their beautiful dance practice for “Open Ur Heart” and enjoy a dose of their energy!

RAINZ Open Ur Heart Dance Practice


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