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Rapper Sleepy Drops Teasers For Upcoming Mini Album ‘Identity’ Featuring Bang Yongguk

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Update February 28, 2018:

Sleep released his music video teaser for his “iD”!  The track itself was produced by Gray and talks about a man falling in love at first sight through SNS.

Check out the video teaser below!

Update February 28, 2018:

Sleepy released a preview for his upcoming mini album!  The preview gives a bit of a look into each of the tracks from his upcoming solo album.

Update February 26, 2018:

Sleepy dropped a unique teaser image that looks to be shapes and scribbles over a color drawing of him!

Check it out below!

Sleepy Identity Teasers

Original Article:

Rapper Sleepy is dropping his new mini album in March!

To prepare fans, the rapper released two teaser images with some definite pink/purple vibes.  Don’t let the colors fool you, he’s still looking rather ‘swag’.

The album is set to release on March 2, 2018.  B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk featured in the track “Am I For Real” along with Nuksal.  Other tracks on the album include “iD” the title track, “Do Not Disturb”, “Look Around”, and “Butterfly”.

Check out the teasers below and stay tuned!

Sleepy Identity Teasers Sleepy Identity Teasers

Sleepy Identity Teasers


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