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Ravi (라비) Drops Explosive Music Video For “Nirvana + Alcohol (Remix)”

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Ravi is killing it once again with the release of his second mixtape “Nirvana”!

Any Vixx fan already knows all about Ravi and his epic mixtapes, but just in case you didn’t know he has previously released “R.EBIRTH” and “R.Eal1ze”. On January 22, he decided to add another to the collection with “Nirvana”.

In this newest music video which features vocals by Park Jimin (an amazing vocalist I might add!) Ravi begs the question “Why do you love me, baby?”. The video stuns visually with amazing mixes of bright and muted colors as well as beautiful shots both in nature and in a club scene. We also get some really amazing effects and transitions throwing the video from natural hues to vibrant neons each time. This only adds to the striking intensity of Ravi’s performance throughout the video.

Ravi’s rapping in this track (and in general, let’s be honest here) is absolutely no joke, as the music begins he starts out slowly and after a small portion in spoken French, Ravi begins by asking one simple (ha!) question, “why do you love me, baby?” before quickly setting the track on fire with his insanely fast rap, and kicking it up a notch by pouring gasoline over the fire he set when Jimin’s gorgeous vocals are added to the mix.

This music video is phenomenal, Ravi has truly outdone himself this time. I know I’ll be listening to this mixtape on repeat for weeks to come. What about you, what did you think of Ravi’s new music video? Let us know below!

VIXX Ravi Nirvana


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  1. Maya95 January 23, 2018

    On replay since yesterday, it’s that good!

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