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Station x 0 Releases Teasers For Collaboration Between John Legend And Red Velvet’s Wendy

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Update October 15, 2018:

Wendy looks stunning in the next set of teasers for her collaboration with John Legend. Take a look at them below.

WendyWendyWendyUpdate October 11, 2018:

John Legend and Wendy release a new set of teasers!  Check it out below.

wendy-2wendy-john-legendUpdate October 10, 2018:

Red Velvet’s Wendy and John Legend released a teaser introducing their upcoming track “Written In The Stars”.  In the teaser, the duo let their fans know that the track would be released as part of the next station on SM Station’s music channel.

Check out the teaser below.

Original Article:

Red Velvet’s Wendy and American singer John Legend will be doing a collaboration for Station x 0!

Rumors about the collaboration circulated not too long ago, and were recently confirmed by SM Entertainment.  Fans are excited about the absolute ‘legend’ of an American singer performing with the wonderful Wendy of hit girl group Red Velvet!

The first teasers have an old-fashioned, almost ‘classic’, vibe!  Check out the teasers below and stay tuned for the track, “Written In The Stars”, marking John Legend’s first K-Pop collaboration!  The track drops on October 19, 2018, so get ready!

john-legend-red-velvtwendy-johnRed Velvet Wendy John Legend


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