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Check out this rookie boy group called Diplomat!

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You won’t want to miss this rookie boy group called Diplomat!

D.I.P, short for Diplomat, is a 6 member boy group under Inter B.D. Entertainment who make their debut with the single “FIZZ” on November 9, 2016.

Originally, the group was supposed to debut with members Insoo, Sangwoo, Uhyeong, Wontak, and Jeeho.  For some reason, there was a lineup change prior to debut that introduced Hyeongseong and Seunghyuk.  In March prior to their debut, their company released a teaser featuring 12 members, but the next day only 11 were shown.


For those a tad bit confused, the company took the group Lose Control and combined the members together with the newer group.

By the end of April of 2016, the lineup was more or less finalized, with one more member change occurring in September when Jeeho left.

The final lineup included Hyeongseong, Suhan, B.Nish, Soomin, Seungho, and Uhyeong.  The group made their debut with “Fizz” directed by IN&CHOO twins.  The catchy song had a catchy beat and lyrics.

Music Video

They also made their debut on Inkigayo!

Inkigayo debut

Not much was heard from the group once their promotions finished.  On December 6, 2016, it was announced that Suhan would depart from the group for his studies.  That was changed on December 14, 2016, with Suhand deciding to stay with the group.

Surprisingly, that changed with their August 31 announcement.

In the end, Suhan is no longer a member of the group, and Taeha from Lose Control has taken his place.  The group is reportedly planning on making their comeback on September 13, 2017.

Check out the rookie boy group Diplomat now!


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