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Rookie Boy Group, INX (인엑스), Has Disbanded

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Rookie Boy Group, INX (인엑스) from NA Entertainment has apparently disbanded.

The group debuted with 5 members on August 2, 2016 with the track “Alright”.  Their last release was “2Gether” in April of 2017.

Fans were worried, but anticipated the disbandment based on a few clues.  They hadn’t updated social media, Twitter or Instagram, since July but were still updating Fancafe.  They hadn’t been active on V-Live since June.  Finally, no news paired with no updates on a comeback or new single gave fans no hope that the group would continue.

Jinam hosted an Instagram live session on November 30, 2017 where he stated that he group wasn’t together anymore.  It seems, based on what he stated in the live, that the group has gone their separate ways are are doing their own thing.  Go Bon Kuk is currently modeling, but the other’s current endeavors are unknown.

No statement by the company has been released.

Best of luck to each of the members in their future pursuits, we’re sorry to see them go.

INX Disbandment


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  1. Antonia December 11, 2017

    This makes me so sad, I really liked their debut 🙁 They’re such nice guys and they had so much potential! I hope to see some of them in other groups in the future and I hope they all become really successful! Good luck, boys! <33

  2. Riikka (@scarletshackles) December 12, 2017


  3. mone rhodes December 12, 2017

    that sucks?

  4. I can’t believe it, I’m so sad right now, inx deserved better… ?

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