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Rookie group A.C.E release their music video for Callin’ and Korean/English fan greetings

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A.C.E returned!

After releasing various teaser images that caught fan’s attentions, the group returned with another EDM themed track.  The visuals in A.C.E’s “Callin'” are definitely no joke.  There are striking scenes focusing on the groups surrounding a killer dance break during the chorus.

The group is known for their incredible dancing skills and synchronization, and that’s definitely displayed in this track.

Watch A.C.E make their comeback with “Callin‘” below!

Prior to releasing the music vide, the group set aside time to record two sweet videos greeting their fans.  The first greeted them in Korean, while the second was an English greeting. In both videos, the boys talk about their track and what kind of style it is.

Check them out below!



A.C.E Callin Music Video


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