Run BTS – Olympic Ceremonies Episode 16

Run BTS Episode 16 J-Hope Gets Gold

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The boys of BTS are just so dorky, but in the best way possible.  Join them in their latest episode of Run BTS as they freeze their butts off in the cold of night competing for the gold medal!

They partake in 3 main events –
Sledding (down a hill)
Sledding (on flat ground with a random sled)

The best moment in the entire clip is right around the 16:35+ mark.  You’ll definitely see why when you get there.

These type of shows are always hilarious, and when these boys have to compete, you know there is going to be a ‘loose’ interpretation of the rules.  J-Hop and Jin utilize that in the last round, while poor Suga is stuck riding around in circles

Jin snatches the bronze.
Jungkook sweeps in a takes silver.
Our ray of hope, J-Hope, takes gold!



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