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Monsta X Rush Album Overview by One Stop K-Pop

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On September 7, 2015 Monsta X released their second mini-album through Starship Entertainment.  This album features 6 full-length songs, including the album’s namesake – “Rush”.

The album starts out with “Rush” which has a heavy emphasis on synth sounds and a strange honking noise – strange in a good way of course.  This song really shows how well the voices of the group mesh together.  Not only that, but the casual hollering in the background of the entire song gave it a more personal ‘hometown’ feel, which was really fun.  The next song, “Hero” featured some cute old-school video game sounds in the background, which I really enjoyed.  This song had a lot more singing than rapping, which was a nice change of pace, unfortunately the rap transitions were a little choppier.

Monsta X tries there hand at a more ballad like song with “Perfect Girl”.  This piece puts more of an emphasis on the vocals rather than the rap and it’s definitely a good choice.  The singing is accompanied by a soft sounding guitar and light synthetic sounds.    “Amen” tries a similar theme, with more of an R&B feel, but the vocals aren’t nearly as strong as they are in “Perfect Girl”.  Okay, “Gone Bad” is one of those songs I’d heard about in passing, but never really had a chance to listen to before now.  Whenever people would mention them, all they’d say was “bratty, but a good bratty”, and that is definitely true.  The song has that defiant, bratty as hell vibe that really takes a 180 from the previous ballad and R&B songs.  Then it goes right back to sweet sounding as they close out with “Broken Heart”.  Emotions are high in this song, with a tender piano, strong yet loving vocals, and the incorporation of vocals trading off add a level of depth not present in other songs on the album.

Track List:

01. Rush (신속히)
02. Hero
03. Perfect Girl
04. Amen
05. Gone Bad (삐뚤어질래)
06. Broken Heart

Monsta X Rush Album Overview


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