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Samuel (사무엘) Releases a Sweet “Candy (캔디)” Music Video!

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Samuel (사무엘) is back with his first full-length album “Eye Candy!”

Eye Candy” is the singer’s second comeback and his first full-length album! This album features ten tracks including a remix of Samuel’s first single “Sixteen!” Along with the newly released album, Samuel also dropped a music video for the albums title track “Candy (캔디).”

Upon hitting the “play” button the viewers watch as a stylish motorcyclist rides into view. In the next scene, we watch as Samuel (and friends) slowly walk through a fog, followed by some extremely aesthetic poses of the artist and the motorcycle. (This entire music video is extraordinarily aesthetic though, to be completely honest.)

Next, we watch as Samuel rides coolly through the doors of a black and white room. This room features the lyrics of the song as well as Samuels name! This fun transition begins the dancing!

The dancing in this video is on fire, to say the least. Samuel and his team of dancers go hard, hitting each move just right to enhance the viewers’ experience. This high energy dance is a perfect fit for the song! The track itself commands the viewer’s attention with the catchy beat. While the quality of the song shows how much Samuel has progressed as an artist in such a short amount of time.

The next scene we are brought into is that of Samuel in what appears to be a garage, preparing to work on his motorcycle with his team. This transitions back into the black and white room, along with some more epic dancing!

In addition to these amazing settings we also get some “Eye Candy” of Samuel himself, with some pretty beautiful close-ups! These scenes make for an absolutely stunning visual effect for the viewers. Ending in much the same way the video began, we watch as Samuel races his way down an empty highway, arriving in his garage just in time for the end of the video.

You can check out the stunning Music Video right here!

SAMUEL Candy Music Video

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