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Samuel brings more “Candy”-like teasing in his second music video teaser!

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Samuel brings more “Candy”-like teasing!

Kim Samuel (사무엘) has released a second music video teaser for “Candy”, title track of his first solo comeback. In case you missed the news until now, you can check all the previous teasers.

In this new video he shows a handsome boy image, yet he is in a repair shop is cleaning the red motorbike from the first teaser. You can read behind him “To me you are perfect” on an illuminated sign. Also, “Hello my baby sweet candy love” appears in the end of the video more clearly and his shadow behind them becomes hypnotizing. The song has a guitar base, giving it a funky vibe. Yet it is going to be a danceable track, since the video will have backup dancers too.

Overall it looks like this concept is going to approach the heart of young ladies. Is Samuel going to be the cool boy that sings sweet romantic lyrics?

This young artist left an impact on the viewers of Produce 101 Season 2, being the favorite of many. This allowed him to debut as a solo artist back in August, releasing the mini-album called “Sixteen”. Surprisingly, it was mostly fans outside of Korea that ordered the first 300,000 copies of this release and more were produced. We can’t help wonder the impact of this comeback!

You can look forward to the upcoming highlight medley of his first full album “Eye Candy” before his comeback on the 16th of November. Do you think it will leave a bigger impact than his debut? Will he be able to get a number one on any music show?

I can already see fans melting from the reactions on the comment section of Youtube.

Samuel Candy Music Video Teaser


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