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Sechskies make their 20th anniversary comeback with “Sad Song” and “Be Well”

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Sechskies have released both of their music videos for their 20th anniversary comeback!  Both “Sad Song” and “Be Well” are their first actual productions for a music video, and they did an incredible job with them.

“Sad Song” definitely didn’t live up to it’s name in the way it sounded!  It has a catchy beat and beautiful vocals, but doesn’t have a melancholy or sad sound.  The video shows them wandering around and contains some ‘forlorn’ scenes, but the song doesn’t fit that.  My favorite scene is actually in the room with all the text along the walls.

“Be Well” has a melancholic sound, with more of a ballad feel.  The beat is steady and the vocals sound like someone who’s just given up.  The guys are depicted in locations just looking off away from the camera alone, while there are multiple scenes showing a frustrated and sad looking women.  There are multiple flashback-like scenes that show happier times as the group comes together.


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