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Sechskies release individual teasers for “Be Well”

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What a treat!  It seems like the Sechskies will have a second title song called “Be Well”.  They released individual teaser images featuring all of the members with lyrics from the song.

Jaejin’s – “To You, who’s trying to keep me with you even by hating me”

Sunghoon’s – “Please keep your tears for someone who will make you smile as much as they make you cry”

Jaeduk’s – “To be honest, I’m worried about you every day”

Suwon’s – “I know it’s not going to happen.  I’m selfish in the end”

Jiwon’s – “Even if you can’t smile to show me, just don’t be sick.  Be well.”

Check out their teasers below and make sure you’re ready for their comeback on April 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm KST.  If you missed any of their previous teasers, be sure to check them out here.

sechskies-be-well-20th-anniversary-teaser-suwon sechskies-be-well-20th-anniversary-teaser-jiwon sechskies-be-well-20th-anniversary-teaser-jaijin sechskies-be-well-20th-anniversary-teaser-sunghoon sechskies-be-well-20th-anniversary-teaser-jaeduck

Check out the package information for their upcoming release below.

sechskies-package-20th-anniversary-teaser-1 sechskies-package-20th-anniversary-teaser-2 sechskies-package-20th-anniversary-teaser-3 sechskies-package-20th-anniversary-teaser-4


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