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Kpop Seven O'Clock Shows

Seven O’Clock on Pops in Seoul!

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Seven O’Clock is a group that just recently made their debut!  If you haven’t had the chance already, be sure to check out their debut track, “Echo“.

They were featured on Pops in Seoul just the other day for a group competition and individual introductions.  They’re adorable too!

They took part in a noodle eating idol challenge.  While they didn’t win, they gave it their best effort!  Not to mention those noodles seemed like they were extremely spicy!



A-Day is the group leader and quite the dancer!  Despite his best efforts, his sexy dance didn’t meet the groups approval and he got smacked with the hammer.


A-Day only got hit once for his dance, Vaan, however, got hit twice!


Hyun was far more shy than the previous two and did a small little dance.

Young Hoon

Young Hoon is probably the most comedic seeming of all the members, plus, he can land the double jumps semi-gracefully.

Jeong Gyu

Jeong Gyu is the second tallest member, but he has an extremely short torso!  it’s probably shorter than mine, and I’m super short.


Tae Young is rather skilled at mimicking a pig eating.  I’m not quite sure why that was a skill he improved on, nor how he discovered it, but he is pretty accurate!


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