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SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) Releases Choreography Video of Clap (박수)!

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On November 6th, SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) released their second full-length album “Teen,age” with the title track “Clap” (박수), you can check that out here if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

The group has since released a fun-filled choreography video of the album’s title song “Clap” (박수).

This cute and fun choreography video features the members humorously “preparing” to film the video.

As well as doing everything themselves including setting the lighting, getting the music ready, and setting up the camera, some members are also caught exercising, cleaning the studio, and even placing the album itself on the floor perfectly in view of the camera! (How it stays standing upright throughout the entire dance, is beyond me).

Finally, once everything is deemed ready the boys gather into their places and queue the music!

What follows is truly a visual masterpiece. The song itself is fun and upbeat, so the dance itself is also fast-paced. The boys bust out the insanely synchronized dance with its intricate footwork and hand movements perfectly and all while performing it with the passion and excitement Carats have come to expect and love!

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can check it out below!

What did you think of the video? Lets us know!

SEVENTEEN Clap Dance Practice


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