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SEVENTEEN drops a ton of photos from the jacket shooting for ‘A|1’

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SEVENTEEN’s comeback is coming up quick, and with all the teasers we’ve gotten so far, getting even more images is just crazy!  The group released a ton of individual teasers from the jacket filming for A|1.

If you haven’t seen their previous teasers, start here!

The group has opened pre-orders for all three versions of the album, found here.

The album will be released on May 22, 2017, so stay tuned!

 Check them out below!

seventeen-jacket-post-2 seventeen-jacket-post-3 seventeen-jacket-post-5 seventeen-jacket-post-6 seventeen-jacket-post-7 seventeen-jacket-post-8 seventeen-jacket-post-9 seventeen-jacket-post-10 seventeen-jacket-post-11 seventeen-jacket-post-12 seventeen-jacket-post-13 seventeen-jacket-post-14 seventeen-jacket-post-15 seventeen-jacket-post-16 seventeen-jacket-post-17 seventeen-jacket-post-18 seventeen-jacket-post-19 seventeen-jacket-post-20 seventeen-jacket-post-21 seventeen-jacket-post-22 seventeen-jacket-post-23 seventeen-jacket-post-24 seventeen-jacket-post-25 seventeen-jacket-post-26 seventeen-jacket-post-27 seventeen-jacket-post-28


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