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SEVENTEEN makes their comeback with “Don’t Wanna Cry” (Music Video Review)

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SEVENTEEN mixes an emotional track with a dance track with their latest comeback song “Don’t Wanna Cry” from A|1.  The group shows off their dance skills and improved skills as vocalists in the track.


While the title and content of “Don’t Wanna Cry” seem melancholy, the actual song feels anything but that.  The group’s vocals are quite diverse and having such variety helps to bring more definition to the song.  The song takes time to build up, with synths and pitched vocals opening the song before it cascades into the full body of the chorus.

This doesn’t have the same feel as their normal tracks, but it does make a definite statement to their growth.


The shots in this video are honestly just breath taking.  The individual shots are soft, yet crisp, and show the boys in the best light with some amazing sets behind them.  The group shots for the dance were absolutely incredible as well.  The rooftop dance caught just the right amount of the background to give it the full impact, and the desert dance is just plain incredible, especially with how high they film from.

The video incorporates such a diverse set of scenes and shifts back and forth between plain shots, the group dance, unit dances, and just stunning shots, that it’s pure aesthetics.

With such a large group of diverse body types and personalities, it’s impressive they were able to synchronize so well and pull off the crisp movements of the group dance.  The boys swing around the floor and move their bodies smoothly throughout the dance.

SEVENTEEN Don’t Wanna Cry


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  1. allyannab May 24, 2017

    Praise Seventeen, and their MV!!

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