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SEVENTEEN release their special clips for their upcoming album Teen,Age

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SEVENTEEN are sneaking somewhere in their first special clip for their upcoming second album, Teen,Age.

The group is sneaking into somewhere for this cute little clip!  Their ‘dark’ concept is absolutely hilarious.  Probably the highlight of the clip is Mingyu tormenting Woozi about his height!

Fans are laughing because of the ‘dark’ concept.  This dorky clip is anything but ‘dark’ except for the background.

The background, ladies in gentlemen.

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: The group is interrupted while working in the latest teaser clip for Teen,Age.  The boys are huddled around a round table as the camera creeps in, startling them briefly.

Each member has a hoodie that has the text “Specialized Videotape Technology INC”, or SVT INC for short, across the back. If you look closely at the first teaser, it was also written across the building’s sign.

Check out the teaser below!

UPDATE: SEVENTEEN is playing with an imaginary basketball in the third teaser clip for their upcoming album, Teen,Age.

With silly antics and playful gestures, the group certainly looks like they had a lot of fun.

UPDATE: SEVENTEEN release their dance preview for “Clap”! As always, the group amazes with their synchronization and intense moves.

Check it out below!

Seventeen TeenAge


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