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Seventeen releases choreography video for “Without you” (모자를 눌러쓰고)

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This song belongs to SEVENTEEN’s (세븐틴) recently released second full album “TEEN AGE”. The lyrics of the song are very emotional. In fact, they talk about being abandoned without notice by someone important and how much it hurts. They can’t help fall apart.

As you can see, the video begins in black and white, with a piece of their previous title track “Don’t Wanna Cry” (울고 싶지 않아). This way, the end of the previous choreography becomes the beginning of this one. Some fans have realized that the lyrics of both songs can actually be connected as well! In the previously released song they still had hope they could find that one person.

It’s beautiful how all members walk around in sink and stop as it’s their turn to sing. Reminds me of leaving a trace to know the way back. However, this is the way that each of them gets to their position on the next formation.

I believe that the beauty of this choreography resides on the transition from slow paced to fast movements. It is often not easy to create a performance for a slow song, even less one that can enrapture the viewer.

Overall, there are many different formations, which must be hard to pull off considering the amount of members (13). What’s more, the synchronization is clearly shown, specially during the time they are standing in two lines.

Finally, I would like to mention the clothing chosen for this performance. The colors are very suitable for the fall-winter season (brown, grey, green…), indeed goes well with such a melancholic sound. Also, if you pay attention you will notice all of them have a white element.

What are your thoughts on this new choreography by Seventeen? How do you connect it to “Don’t Wanna Cry”?

Seventeen Dance Practice Without You


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