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SF9 drops English lyrics teaser titled “The Knights’ Whispers”

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SF9’s latest set of teasers is quite striking.  In their lyric video’s, titled The Knights’ Whispers, the guys read the lyrics from their title track “O Sole Mio” aloud.  Not only that, but they read them in English!

The first video features Inseong and Rowoon. Then, there’s Jaeyoon, Dawon, and Taeyang.  Finally, there’s Youngbin, Zuho, Chani, and Hwiyoung.

Check them out below!

Inseong and Rowoon

Jaeyoon, Taeyang, and Dawon

Zuho, Chani, Hwiyoung, and Youngbin

SF9 O Sole Mio English


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