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SF9 drops tracklist and highlight medley for Breaking Sensation

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SF9 dropped both the tracklist and the highlight medley for their upcoming album, Breaking Sensation!  

The album will consist of 6 songs including the title track.  Track 1 is an Intro, track 2 is the title track “Easy Love”, track 3 is called “Watch Out”, track 4 is called “Hide and Seek”, track 5 is called “Fall Down”, and the album closes out with track 6 “Why”.

SF( Breaking Sensation tracklist

The introduction sounds pretty heavy in the old-school rap style while “Easy Love” is actually quite peppy sounding.  “Watch Out” seems to have some wonderful vocals paired with a heavy beat and probably a super catchy hook.  “Hide and Seek” has a consistent rhythm and seems to incorporate some of the more R&B pop style.  Both “Fall Down” and “Why” have a definite vocal focus based on the preview!

Overall, there seem to be a variety of styles mixed into a single album, which will be amazing to see!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their music video teaser for “Easy Love“.  Stay tuned for the album release on April 18, 2017.


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