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Kpop SF9

SF9 makes their much anticipated return with “O Sole Mio”

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SF9 is back!

The boys tear up the desert with their latest music video for “O Sole Mio“. With a latin vibe and actual Spanish lyrics, the group was certainly trying something new.

“O Sole Mio” is sleek and suave, with guitar riffs backing up the catchy beat.  The raps and vocals smoothly transition between one another too.  The silky smooth music video follows suit, with supernatural aspects mixed with a beautiful desert setting.

With glimpses of the dance featured in the video, there’s no doubt the actual practice will be incredible.

Check out SF9’s return with “O Sole Mio” below!

FOr those that don’t know, the lyrics “Te Quiero” translate to “I Love You”.

SF9 O Sole Mio Music Video


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