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SF9 Entice in New Music Video for “Now or Never” (질렀어)

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Update August 9, 2018:

SF9 continues to amaze with the fixed version dance practice for their latest track “Now Or Never”.  Watch them dance their hearts out in the video below.

Update August 6, 2018:

SF9 are spoiling fans with the ‘Suit Up’ version of their latest track “Now Or Never” along with the relay dance!  What more could you ask for?

Original Article:

On July 31st SF9 released their newest track and music video “Now or Never (질렀어)”.

Visually the video is extremely well done with a variety of creative shots, angles, and sets. The use of light and color are especially notable in the video. Immediately after starting the video the vibrant color scheme of the video becomes apparent. The video showcases a range of both bright and dark colors used in a variety of ways throughout the video. The dark and vibrant blues, reds, and golds are largely what sets the tone for the video, but are certainly not the only things that do so.

In addition to the stunning vibrancy and lighting, the sets used and the angles at which the boys are filmed are equally as appealing visually. Each and every second of the video is well thought out and beautifully delivered. Everything from the group choreographed portions (which are absolutely wonderful all on their own) to the members’ individual shots, appear to have been filmed with a clear goal in mind.

The choreography also adds substantially to the videos visual appeal. Each move is precise and synchronized to perfectly capture the lyrics and music.

The dance is dark and sexy and pushes the feel of the music video that much more.

Although the visual appeal of a music video is extremely important, the music is still the main reason for the video in the first place. On that note, SF9 has done an incredible job with this song. The vocal performance is outstanding throughout the entire song. Not to mention the incredible balance the music itself sets up, keeping the song interesting but not overdoing anything. Listening to the track you can feel that it has a certain gravity to it like the song is literally pulling you in. Hypnotic almost. You can’t help but listen again and again and again.

The boys have truly outdone themselves with this newest release! Have you had a chance to listen yet? What were your thoughts?

SF9 Now Or Never MV


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