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SF9 Drop Dance Spoiler For Their Upcoming Return With ‘Sensuous’

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Update July 31, 2018:

SF9 are trying something a bit new with their latest teaser.  The cartoon-like clip previews a bit of their music video along with the dance.  Watch it below.

The group also released a full group teaser and individual photos of Inseong! Take a look at them below.

sf9sf9sf9sf9Update July 30, 2018:

SF9 continue to amaze with gorgeous new teasers and a preview of their sexy new dance moves!  Check out the video and teaser images below.

JaeyoonJaeyoonChaniChaniChaniUpdate July 28, 2018:

SF9 continues the teaser releases with more individual photos and hidden photos!  Check them out below.

taeyangtaeyangtaeyangsf9-chanisf9-hwiyoungsf9-taeyangsf9-zuhosf9-rowoonsf9-dawonsf9-jaeyoonsf9-inseongsf9-youngbin1Update July 26, 2018:

Zuho features in the next set of teasers for SF9’s Sensuous!  Check them out below.


Update July 25, 2018:

SF9 dropped both the highlight medley and track list (containing all production details) for their upcoming 5th mini album.

The mini album features the title track “Roll The Dice” along with 4 new songs.  “Photograph” was co-composed and co-written by Zuho, while the rappers co-write the lyrics for “Different”.

Check out the track list and highlight medley below.

Update July 24, 2018:

Dawon features in the next set of teasers for SF9’s “Sensuous”, and is certainly living up to the name.



Update July 23, 2018:

Rowoon features in the next gorgeous set of teaser images for SF9’s upcoming return!  Check out the teasers below.


Original Article:

SF9 will be making their return soon!

The group dropped their first announcement for their upcoming 5th mini album, Sensuous, on July 22, 2018.  The announcement included a small preview of what to expect for their upcoming tracks titled “Roll The Dice” along with a jam packed teaser schedule.

The scheduled will certainly keep fans busy with various avenues of teasers being released on the days leading up to their return with Sensuous.  Some of the teasers are even ‘codes’ that will help fans find a secret code that won’t be shown on the group’s site.

So far, the group has revealed Youngbin’s individual teasers as well as his preview clip.  Along with Youngbin’s teasers, the group released two gorgeous group teasers, once white version and one black version, that shows just how much they’re living up to the album name.

Check out the teasers and scheduler below and stay tuned for the album release on July 31, 2018.


sf9 sensuous teasers

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