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SF9 Take The Sizzling Hot “MAMMA MIA” Performance To The Sauna

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SF9 recently made their comeback with the showy “MAMMA MIA“, a track that is easy to fall in love with.

Much like many other idols, the group joined in for the OMG LIVE and performed it in a random location.  What better place for this sizzling hot song than a traditional sauna?  The boys didn’t let a single thing phase them and performed with ease. Well, almost nothing phased them.  The cute child wandering straight through got a little guidance, which is sure to have fans cooing.

Check out SF9’s performance of “MAMMA MIA” below!

SF9 Mamma Mia Sauna


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  1. luckicandigirl March 6, 2018

    INSEONG <3

  2. koin March 6, 2018

    ????that boy…so cute…

  3. choukelly March 7, 2018

    This song is so addicting *0*

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