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SF9 takes us behind the scenes of Breaking Sensation and “Easy Love”

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SF9 has released two videos taking fans behind the scenes of both Breaking Sensation, their 2nd mini album, and “Easy Love“, their title track.  The group is doing really well and it was recently announced that they would be attending KCON 2017 New York (see here for artist and ticket information).

In the first video, the group takes us behind the scenes of “Easy Love” so we get to see their filming process and just how playful they are!  While the scenes in the video are serious, the boys play continuously on the side!  They dance, sing, and just all around torment each other, yet at the same time help each other out.

The second video takes us behind the scenes of the jacket filming for Breaking Sensation.  The boys are extremely fascinated by the trains, which is hilarious to watch!  Be sure to watch the entire clip to see them go from serious idols, to absolute dorks.

Be sure to check out their music video for “Easy Love“!


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