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SHINee Drop The Dance Practice For “Good Evening”

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Update June 11, 2018:

SHINee show off their moves in the dance practice for “Good Evening”!  Watch them show off their skills below.


Update June 9, 2018:

SHINee release the second video teaser for “I Want You”, and we certainly agree with the sentiment.  Watch it below.

Update June 8, 2018:

SHINee released even more stunning teasers for their upcoming release.  Each wave of teasers is paired with clips to go along with the tracks (see the Instagram link later in the article).  Check out their teasers below!

shinee50shinee50Update June 7, 2018:

SHINee released more teasers for their upcoming release of The Story Of Light Ep.2  featuring “I Want You”.

shinee-iwantyoushinee-iwantyoushinee-iwantyoushinee-iwantyouUpdate June 6, 2018:

Onew and Minho features in the next set of stunning teasers for The Story Of Light Ep.2.  Check them out below.

shinee-storyoflight2shinee-storyoflight2Original Article:

SHINee is already preparing for their next release!

On May 28, 2018, they released the music video for “Good Evening“, the title track of The Story of Light Ep. 1.  Now, they’re preparing for their next release.  The Story of Light Ep. 2 is set to release on June 11, 2018, and there are all sorts of teasers already.  Check them all out below and stay tuned for more.


Be sure to check out their Instagram for more!

Shinee Story Of Light 2


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