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Shinhwa’s Eric Mun set marry Na Hye Mi in July

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Eric Mun of Shinhwa is getting married in July! He posted an announcement just a few hours ago on the groups Facebook with an explanation in 4 different languages.  He will be tying the knot with actress Na Hye Mi in July of 2017!

The two have been together for a bit it seems, since there have been speculations about their relationship for the past couple years before confirmation in February, 2017.

See his statement below;

“Hello, this is SHINHWA ERIC.

I met a long life caring friend of mine, and I will be having a quiet and respectful marriage with my family and friends in a church on July 1, 2017.

I received so much love from SHINHWACHANGJO fans as being a member of SHINHWA for 19 years, and I will promise to work harder with a settled mind for all the love you gave.

We will always appreciate,
Respect and take care of each other

Thank you.”

Congratulations to the engaged couple and best of luck with the wedding and wedding preparations!


  1. Red heart (@niaoffcl) April 17, 2017

    Wow, comgrats oppa.

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